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Help DHF Help Your Neighbors in Need

Dewey-Humboldt Firewise has some funds with which we’d like to assist those that need financial assistance in creating survivable space around their homes. We’re hoping that you’ll nominate residents that need help in thinning shrubs, trimming trees, clearing under decks, removing trash, installing ember screens, or weed-eating, with the intent of making their home more survivable in the event of a wildfire. The work will need to be completed by 20 August, 2021 and be performed by a business. As we will be using public funds, there must be two written quotes prior to the start of work. It’s envisioned that the work will cost no more than $500; however, higher costs will be considered dependent on the need. At an average of $500, we will only be able to offer support for up to 10 properties, and each will be considered on a first come, first served basis. We ask that you send your request via our email address dh.firewise@gmail.com.

You likely know a friend or neighbor within Dewey-Humboldt that is elderly, on a low fixed income, or that has physical disabilities that can use this type of help. Please contact Dewey-Humboldt Firewise as soon as possible with a name, address, and contact information so that we can reach out to these folks and make them feel safer.

And for those that are in business to do this type of work, if you’d like to be included in a list of potential servicers, please email DH.Firewise@gmail.com.


“Be Your Own Hero”

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In a continued effort to assist our residents to be fire wise, we’ve begun to develop a list of providers that may meet your property needs.  We have found while out assessing a property for a survivable space grant, installing an address sign, etc. that residents have additional needs such as yard maintenance, items removed from your property, but due to physical limitations or no access to a trailer you’re not able to do so.  Also some of you are looking for some handyman work.

The list has been compiled from ads run on Facebook to local Dewey-Humboldt sites. The comments made are quoted from their postings. Should you have any problems/concerns about the work done, or find the individual/company is no longer in business, please pm us on Facebook or send an email to dh.firewise@gmail.com and we will remove them from the list. Like our contractor list for property mitigation, these negotiations are between you and the individual/company. Dewey-Humboldt does not promote or endorse these providers and is not liable for any problems incurred.

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