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Mission Statement

To promote awareness, preparedness, and solutions to fire dangers in our area by partnering with local, state, and federal resources to ensure our community can be fire wise.

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Dewey-Humboldt Firewise began in 2015 and became a 501(c)3 in March 2020.  Our committee  is from varied backgrounds, contributing a variety of experience to our group. None of us to-date, have a background as a first responder, but over the last 7 years have learned a great deal about being fire wise through developing relationships with various agencies of Yavapai County.  Our commitment to the education and safety of our community is first and foremost in all that we do.


March 2022 Wildfire Prepardness Week

Prescott Yavapai Firewise


DHFW 2nd Annual 

 "Don't Get Burned" Wildfire Event

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D-H Fall Clean-up Days

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D-H Spring Clean-up Days

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Prescott Fourth of July Parade


Prescott Christmas Parade


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