How You Can Support Your Community

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Thank you for your support.  Your gift(s) allow us to continue to dream big.  What does that look like?  It means we have more opportunities to assist our community with property mitigation, chipping programs, evacuation prepardness boxes, 911 address sign program, private street sign program, collaboration with other agencies to ensure those with functional needs receive address signs and their needs are noted in our county's GIS system in the event of evacuation, and educational material for community events. 

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Prior to submitting our report to the National Fire Protection Agency in November, the show of community efforts from ALL of Dewey-Humboldt residents will reflect our community's committment to be fire wise.


Please download                        and print out the NFPA form. Note anything you have done this year to fire wise your property.  How many hours did you spend for Clean-Up Days? Did you buy tools for the yard? Did you mitigate your property? New roof, fence, hard scape your property?  How much did you spend?There is an extensive list to refer to on the National Fire Protection website. Scan the form and send it to or mail it to Dewey-Humboldt Firewise, P O Box 764, Humboldt AZ 86329

The community's contribution to being fire wise is huge.  You don't have to be part of a Firewise Community to submit your information.  The more outside residents the better as it could potentially affect the expansion of the Firewise Community to your area.

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Interested in helping your community?  Joining our Firewise team is one way.  Are you a born leader?  Are you familiar with the operations of a 501(c)3 organization?  Enjoy putting together fundraisers? First responder?  CPA?  Computer savvy and comfortable with maintaining a website and promoting a cause on social media?  Proficient with Microsoft/Google tools?  Grant writer?  Events Coordinator? Community Outreach?  Educator?