WE DREAM BIG: In 2019 we celebrated completion of a long-time dream. Thanks to donations and efforts from residents and CAFMA there are now 32,400 gal of water available to fight residential fires in the Upper Blue Hills where water has not been available. Water was previously trucked via large tankers for any emergency purposes. 


Dewey-Humboldt resident Paul Mangarella offers 5-acre property for water tank storage at Upper Blue Hills at no cost to fire district. 


  • August 7, 2013: Representatives from Central Yavapai and Medical Authority (then Cantal Yavapai Fire District) make site visit. Chief Nies characterizes the offer as "one of those things that doesn't come along in a lifetime".

  • April 2014: Central Yavapai Fire District received donated property. 

  • Summer 2015: CAFMA conducts a fire assessment of Blue Hills/Foothills East.

  • July 2016: Central Fire and Medical Authority "officially" forms and takes title to the donated property from Central Yavapai Fire District. 

  • August 2017: Fire Marshal Rick Chase requests Firewise Committee assistance win location a resident that would allow a right-of-way into the CAFMA property. Leigh Cluff, past D-H Firewise committee member canvases area and locates a resident willing to donate 25' across the back of their property

  • Fall 2017: D-H Firewise committee members meet with Chief Bliss, Fire Marshall Rick Chase and Assist Fire Marshal Andie Smith to discuss details of the water tank.

  • D-H Firewise establishes a collaborative Fund Acct with Arizona Community Foundation to seek funds to assist CAFMA with the costs of the water tank.

  • November 2017: Chairwoman Vicki Wendt meets with CAFMA Board to appeal for their help to install two 10,000 gallon tanks in the Upper Blue Hills for emergency water supply. 

  • May 2018: Firewise learns of CAFMA intent to budget $250,000 towards the Upper Blue Hills water tank project. 

  • Late 2018: Director Wendt is told the project will provide four 8100 gallon tanks, instead of two. 

  • March 19, 2019: Water tanks begin to arrive at the site in Upper Blue Hills.

  • May 22, 2019: Dedication ceremony is set for celebrating the gift of these water tanks. 


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Work Has Began

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