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2021 Fire Season Outlook - Issued February 4, 2021 NWS Flagstaff AZ


Hassayampa Landscape Restoration Project

The Prescott National Forest’s (PNF) Hassayampa Landscape Restoration Project within the Blue Hills area (just east of the Bradshaw mountains) resumed on November 6th and will continue into January. This is a GREAT benefit for Dewey-Humboldt as one intent of the project is to reduce hazardous fuels that pose a threat to life and property within our Wildland-Urban Interface. In this case, PNF is being a perfectly attentive neighbor, helping

to mitigate fire danger from their property to the Town, just like we’d like our immediate neighbors to do for our personal property and what we all should be doing for our neighbors.


If you would benefit from a fire hazard assessment of your property, or need financial assistance to lessen fire danger on your property, please send us an email or give us a call. 

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Flag raising and flag lowering ceremony for Assistant Fire Marshal Andie Rorick (Smith). 

Assistant Fire Chief Andy Smith.jpg

Assistant Fire Marshall Andie Rorick (second from the left with Firewise Board Members and Dewey-Humboldt council woman Vicki Wendt attending the ceremony.

Many of our residents know Andie. She has spoken at our community meetings and most likely assessed residents properties for mitigation. She dedicated 18 years of service to Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority and has been a huge asset to Dewey-Humboldt Firewise and our community. We wish her the best. 


Horse Fire

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26 Oct, 2020/9:30 PM

Percent Contained: 74%    Personnel: 130


Today, Southwest Area Incident Management Team 2 transitioned the fire back to Prescott National Forest (PNF). The previously forecast snow or rain never materialized but the cold front is aiding in suppressing the Horse which is controlled sufficiently that over 50% of the firefighters that were there yesterday have returned to their stations. All fire activity is expected to occur within the current perimeter. At 5:00 AM today, PNF has lifted the Horse Fire Area Closure. However, residents of Crown King and the public are being asked to please stay out of the fire area as post fire hazards still exist, and please stay off  the following roads as emergency fire road repair is occurring - FSR 52 from Palace Station to Crown King and FSR 52 south from Hooper Saddle to Minnehaha.  If you need to access Crown King, please use County Road 59.



The fire remains at 9,537 acres and is currently 74% contained. Although there is no threat of fire spread or potential growth; firefighters will continue to patrol and monitor containment lines. As a low-pressure system enters the area, fire officials anticipate that lower temperatures and high chances of precipitation will help to moderate fire activity; but will keep a close watch on the northeast perimeter as gusty winds are predicted for Monday evening.


This will be the final news release unless there are significant changes in fire activity.”


The Horse Fire perimeter map from 2 days ago is still the most recent. It appears that those agencies that have been reporting its progress are all standing down and Dewey-Humboldt Firewise will do the same. Unless there is an unexpected flare up, this will be the last update from us.


Regarding the Trail Fire noted yesterday, which is Southeast of Sunset point it’s located in remote Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land. It Ground and air attack resources are fighting it and forward progress has been stopped. The perimeter is being secured and it is entering a mop up stage.


We’re supported by some of the BEST wildland firefighters. Yay!







22 Oct, 2020/5:30 PM

Acres: 9,536     Percent Contained: 32%    Personnel: 368


There was a morning briefing today by Operations Section Chief Rick Miller. To view the video, go to https://www.facebook.com/PrescottNF

21 Oct, 2020/11:30am

Acres: 9,442     Percent Contained: 32%    Personnel: 356


The Horse Fire remains active above Hooper Saddle and in upper reaches of Blind Indian Creek. The southern half of the fire is quiet.


Crews are directly on the fire’s west-southwest edge holding containment there at 32%. The fire is moving and making short runs in the northeast corner where it is being monitored; helicopters are being used if needed.


Along Forest Road 52/Senator Highway, firefighters are actively working this area to slow and hold the spread of fire to protect the community of Crown King, which is just two miles to the southeast of the fire’s perimeter. The goal is to keep the fire to the west of Forest Road 52. Dozers are being used to create firebreaks and vegetation is being cleared to protect Crown King. To date, no structures are reported damaged or destroyed.


Evacuations are still in effect. Today, the Yavapai Sheriff’s Office will escort residents into Crown King for short home visits between 8:00 a.m. and noon. Proof of local residency is required; for information, go to the Sheriff’s webpage at https://ycsoaz.gov/ or call: 928-771-3260.




18 Oct, 2020/12:00


As of Sunday morning, October 18, 2020, the local Type 3 Team turned over command of the Horse Fire to a Southwest Area Type 1 Incident Management Team with additional firefighters and support arriving in Crown King, AZ. 


The size of the fire has grown to 8,950 Acres. There are currently 256 personnel fighting the fire but a Type 1 IMT will typically bring in 500-100 personnel.


The Horse Fire is actively burning in tall dense vegetation and difficult terrain in a westerly direction – towards Wilhoit.  Airtankers and helicopters have been essential in slowing the spread of the fire as firefighters work to gain access. The fire is in a remote section of the forest with steep and rugged terrain. 


Crown King is still evacuated.


The Horse fire is under full suppression tactics as crews continue to use aircraft to slow the rate of spread and scout for holding features to use as containment lines. For many wildland fires, it’s decided to allow the fire to burn  as nature intended.  That is NOT how this fire is being managed.


A previous report noted that the fire was human caused. That has been modified to being “Under Investigation”.


Again, we’re indebted to all those involved (Firefighters, support personnel, sheriff deputies, the Jeep Posse, Yavapai Emergency management, and all the volunteers) in dealing with the Horse Fire. For those that are eating the smoke, feeling the heat, and fighting the flames, may your training make you well prepared and guardian angels be mega-strong , bringing you all back home safely. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.


16 Oct, 2020/2:30

The Horse Fire was recently measured as being nearly 6,000 acres.  


Attached from Google Earth is a MODIS satellite image showing the previous and current boundaries of the fire. For those interested, the measured distances in miles from the fire’s active perimeter to neighboring cities/towns follows:

                Crown King              1.5

                Dewey-Humboldt    16.3

                Wilhoit                  11.6

                Prescott:                18.4

                Spring Valley:          13.6

                Black Canyon:          15.9


The Fire is now depicted in https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/7244/– the national mapping system for significant incidents. 


Please don’t let your guard down. Review what you would do in case of an evacuation. Be ready. If you could use some guidance and recommendations, please call or email us and we’ll help you be prepared.

16 Oct, 2020/9:15 AM

At 8:30 AM, Crown King residents were notified of a GO status - mandatory evacuation. A shelter has been set up at Mayer High School in Spring Valley. For assistance please call 928 771 3260 or 911.


For us, the wildfire seems to be hiding behind the Bradshaws, but it’s obviously still active. Weather forecast for Crown King is predicting a high today of 85 with 7-10 mph winds blowing north this morning but changing to southerly this afternoon with possible gusts of 17 mph.


Let’s all do what we can for our neighbors in Crown King (help at the shelter, donate to supporting activities (Red Cross, https://eeeyc.org/, https://laser-shelter.org/, https://animaldisasterservices.com/, etc.), and send our prayers for the residents and those heroes fighting this fire).




15 Oct, 2020/3:15 pm

From KAFF News:


“A fire has started in the Bradshaw Mountains near Crown King. The State Forestry Department is sending crews and air attack to the Horse Fire. Crown King has been put in “Ready” stage for evacuation. The fire has burned more than 125 acres and it’s four-and-a-half miles in a direct line with Crown King, according to fire officials." 



It'd be a GREAT time to go over your READY, SET & GO check list. For those with horses, if you do not have trailer space, please go to HTTPS://eeeyc.org


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Community Meeting Concept February 2020.


Garry & Denise Rodgers
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Chair Debbie Miller, Denise Rogers and Dr. Garry Rogers: Firewise Community Meeting - February 2020 


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